Post Conviction

Chicago Post-Conviction Relief Attorney 

Sometimes judges, juries, and attorneys get it wrong. Mistakes can be made in criminal cases which unfortunately can lead to wrongful convictions. In such cases, your life can be dramatically impacted by the decisions made in a criminal court. Fortunately, you have the right to challenge these lower court rulings regarding your conviction or sentence. These challenges can be made by direct appeal or through other post-conviction remedies. However, you will need an attorney who focuses on this area of law.

At The Moran Law Group, you can work with a skilled and seasoned trial lawyer who has considerable experience in handling post-conviction matters. With more than 50 years in practice handling criminal defense cases from arrest to appeals, Attorney John Moran can provide the guidance you need for seeking a positive result. Post-conviction relief involves complex matters involving legal analysis, meeting crucial deadlines, and the presentation of your case before the judge. We can review your case, determine an optimum strategy for you, and help you navigate the process from start to finish.

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What Is Post-Conviction Relief?

Post-conviction relief is another way to remedy a wrongful conviction. It is an option for you if you believe that constitutional errors were made in your trial or in a later appeal. Because of these constitutional errors, your fundamental rights have been violated. 

Under the Illinois Post-Conviction Hearing Act, you are allowed to seek remedies, such as:

  • A new trial
  • A correction of sentencing errors
  • Release from custody
  • A petition for a pardon
  • Court costs and attorney fees restitution

When filing a petition for post-conviction relief, you will need to provide proof of the legal errors made in your trial. These can be errors that are not directly reflected in the original trial court record. Examples of violations of your rights that would justify filing a petition could include a recent change in the law that should have been applied to you retroactively, a sentencing error, a suppression of evidence favorable to you, or inadequate legal counsel. 

Don't delay

Your petition will then be reviewed for merit. If it passes this test, it will then be further reviewed to determine if it shows substantial constitutional violation. If this is shown, you will be granted a hearing in which both you and the other side will present your evidence to the judge for a decision. If you prevail in this hearing, the relief you obtain will depend on what type of violations were involved with remedies tailored to your case to correct them. 

If you need help pursuing post-conviction relief, you need to act quickly due to certain deadlines. Contact our Chicago post-conviction relief lawyer as soon as possible. 

Case Results

  • FOP Ordered to Respond
  • Settled for $250,000
  • $570 Thousand $570,000.00.
  • $230 Thousand $230,000
  • 60-Year Murder Sentence Reversed
  • Ford Foundation Grantee - the International Common Law Colloquium (1976)
  • Illinois State Bar Association Criminal Justice Council (1977-1984)
  • Martindale-Hubbell "AV" Rating (1993-Present)
  • NLADA Delegate to the Kutak - ABA Ethics Conference (1980)
  • Who's Who in American Law, 3rd & 6th Editions (1994-1995)