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Being charged with a crime changes your life. Suddenly, everything revolves around proving your innocence to protect your future. However, you don't have to do it alone or without experienced and proven representation.  You can have The Moran Law Group by your side throughout all phases of your case, from arrest to the formal filings of charges, court appearances, jury trial, and even beyond to an appeal to a higher court. 

Based in Chicago, our criminal defense lawyer can build a strong case for your innocence and fight for your best outcome until all legal measures have been exhausted. Our Chicago criminal defense attorney has been protecting the rights and fighting for the freedom and future of clients throughout the area for over 50 years. The importance of that experience to your case cannot be overstated. If you are being investigated or have already been charged, we urge to contact our firm to discuss your situation with our attorney before speaking with law enforcement or anyone else. 

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Criminal Defense Cases in Chicago

At our firm, we defend all state and federal criminal charges ranging from state misdemeanors to federal felonies. These charges often begin with an investigation by local, state, or federal law enforcement agencies seeking evidence that can be used against you. It is important to understand that you are at a disadvantage in such investigations without legal representation. This is especially true if you have never been involved in the criminal justice system before. You may have limited knowledge of your rights throughout the legal process. Your first priority should be to remain silent until you have retained a lawyer. Once you have representation, your best interests can be protected at every stage of the process thereafter.

Criminal charges can have a profound effect on your life, both in the near future and for the long haul. You may be at risk for jail or prison time, heavy fines, probation, and other court penalties, depending on the circumstances. A conviction can lead to these penalties as well as the collateral damage involved with a permanent criminal record. Such a record can have adverse effects on your future employment, your family, your ability to find housing, qualification for future education, professional licenses, and your immigration status if you are a noncitizen. 

Get experienced legal counsel. 

State and federal charges can run the gamut from drug crimes to domestic violence, drunk driving, assault, robbery, homicide, sex offenses, white collar crimes, weapon crimes, and more. In federal cases, you may be investigated by the FBI, DEA, or other government agencies with unlimited resources. When the stakes are high, it is too important to risk your future without a committed and competent legal ally. You can rely on The Moran Law Group for proven representation in handling criminal cases from investigation to arrest, charging, trial, and beyond to post-conviction relief and appeals.

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Case Results

  • FOP Ordered to Respond
  • Settled for $250,000
  • $570 Thousand $570,000.00.
  • $230 Thousand $230,000
  • 60-Year Murder Sentence Reversed
  • Ford Foundation Grantee - the International Common Law Colloquium (1976)
  • Illinois State Bar Association Criminal Justice Council (1977-1984)
  • Martindale-Hubbell "AV" Rating (1993-Present)
  • NLADA Delegate to the Kutak - ABA Ethics Conference (1980)
  • Who's Who in American Law, 3rd & 6th Editions (1994-1995)