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The Moran Law Group has been providing high-quality legal counsel and representation for over three decades. With a practice that has extensive experience in appeals, business law, criminal defense, employment & labor law, and litigation, attorney Moran's diverse legal knowledge can deliver effective solutions that meet your needs.

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John Thomas Moran

John Thomas Moran, Jr.

Attorney at Law

John Thomas Moran, Jr. is an accomplished attorney serving the Chicagoland area. Since obtaining his law degree from Georgetown University Law Center, he has pursued opportunities to become more knowledgeable and share what he's learned with peers, law students, and the local community. With a background as a public defender for the Cook County Appeals Division, John has extensive experience in the areas of criminal defense and appellate court. He's not afraid to take on even the toughest legal challenges. As your dedicated attorney, John will fight for your rights and the most favorable outcome, no matter what situation you may be facing.


Serving the Legal Needs of Local Individuals & Businesses

Looking Out for Your Best Interests

No matter what you're dealing with, The Moran Law Group strives to provide an educational approach to your case. With a commitment to the highest standard of legal practice, John Moran will help you clearly understand your situation, your rights, and available options for moving forward.

His goal is for you to be able to make informed decisions about which direction to take your case — only offering legal strategies that protect your interests and put you in a position for a favorable outcome.

Keeping Your Future in Mind

Ongoing legal battles can be exhausting, stressful, and overwhelming — but that's no reason to give up on fighting for the desired outcome for your particular situation. With attorney Moran's experience as an appeals and litigation attorney, you can count on him for strong representation and perseverance.

His ability to resolve legal matters in a variety of ways provides him with exceptional insight. When your rights and future are at stake, work with an advocate who cares about delivering the best possible result for you.

Reasons to File an Appeal

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If you're unsatisfied with the court's final judgment, you can fight to have the ruling reversed with the help of an experienced appellate lawyer.

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Legal Errors

Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes are made within the justice system. If there was an error in your case, the appellate courts can fix the wrong ruling.

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Unjust Ruling

When you believe that the trial judge was wrong about the law, or misapplied it to your case, you can ask an appellate court to review the original ruling.

Providing an Equal Playing Field for Your Best Chance at Success

Spending a majority of his time handling appeals and litigation, John Moran gets to see cases from multiple perspectives. He understands that the law is not black and white — there's a lot of gray area and room for error. Seemingly minor details can make a major impact on the outcome of a case, and consequentially, your future.

Whether your situation involves a business law, criminal defense, or employment & labor law issue, The Moran Law Group is prepared to help. Attorney Moran has decades of experience confidently guiding clients through their respective legal process and is ready to do the same for you.

Since 1985, The Moran Law Group has been providing sound legal counsel and strong representation to individuals, families, and businesses across the greater Chicago area. If you are confused about your rights, the outcome, or another aspect of your case, you need an experienced appeals attorney on your side who can clear a path to understand your options.

When you choose to work with attorney Moran, he'll get to know the specifics of your legal matter and your goals for the future to align you with a strategy that meets your unique needs. Don't wait to reach out for the guidance and support you need — contact The Moran Law Group today.